Ski and snowboard school in Chiesa in Valmalenco

La scuola

La Scuola Sci e Snowboard Valamalenco intende prendersi cura dei propri ospiti mettendo in campo un impegno a 360 gradi, i nostri maestri sapranno suggerirvi il comportamento da tenere nella Ski Area durante le lezioni, per evitare assembramenti negli uffici, un programma gestionale permetterà di prenotare e pagare on line le lezioni di sci e snowboard con il maestro preferito, evitando di passare fisicamente in ufficio.

The Ski & Snowboard School Valmalenco has been operating for more than 50 years in the district of Alpe Palù, the Valmalenco Ski Resort at the foot of the Bernina mountain range, the highest and most majestic summit of the Central Alps. The view from the slopes of Alpe Palù inspires a sense of wonder. Skiing surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the Alps, Monte Disgrazia, Pizzo Scalino, Pizzo Bernina and many other snow-covered peaks, is a unique experience.

"The Mountain offers us the frame… it's up to us to invent the story that goes with it!"
Nicolas Helmbacher

Private lessons

For adults and children from 3 years upwards. Personalized instruction allows you to learn to ski in a short time with tailor-made teaching to improve and perfect your own technique.

Group lessons

For adults and children from 5 years upwards. Skiing in a group facilitates learning and creates an even more welcoming, enjoyable climate that allows new friendships to be established.


The courses are designed for everyone: children and adults of all ages. Start from scratch or refine and improve your technique with our Instructors and have fun with your friends on the snow.

Lessons for disabled people

Instructors specialized in teaching people with disabilities, and who will listen to every need, facilitating learning and an approach to the snow with ease.

Junior Team Valmalenco

An important event for the 2019/2020 season, a project dedicated to children and young people who want to become highly developed skiers!
I nostri maestri propongono un nuovo progetto...

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