The Ski and Snowboard School Valmalenco is located atAlpe Palù at about 2000 meters above sea level, Snow Eagle che da Chiesa in Valmalenco in qualche minuto ti porta sulle piste da sci della Valmalenco.

Ci puoi trovare anche nella sede di via Roma in centro a Chiesa in Valmalenco nei seguenti periodi: weekend 31/10 e 1/11 e tutti i sabati di novembre dalle ore 10 alle 12 e dalle ore 16 alle 19. In alta stagione invece tutti i giorni dal 26/12 al 6/01 dalle ore 17.30 alle 19.

If you are already wearing skis you can reach us easily in a minute. By skiing down the first short slope and keeping to your left, you will arrive directly at the entrance to our office. If instead you would like to reach us by foot take the monorail from the arrival point of the cable car. It will leave you a few meters from our school (see the photo below).

The Ski and Snowboard School Valmalenco is on the right hand side when approaching from the first ski slope and from the inclined monorail
The arrival point of the inclined monorail at Alpe Palù
Valmalenco Bernina Ski Resort, the ski area in Chiesa, Valmalenco